Onion Seeds

Onion Seeds





Onion plant grows to about 2 feet. There are many varieties of onions seeds grown around the world. Onion crop takes about three to four months from seedlings to harvest. Top greens or scallions are also eaten all around the world

• Type of Seeds : Research • Seeds : 3kg per acre • Duration : 100 days after transplantation • Maturity: 100 to 110 days • Fruit: Round • Medium to large in size and mildly pungent • Fruit Size: each fruit 80 to 100 gms • Standing Ability: 145 to 185 days after maturity • Fruit color on maturity: Red • . Average yield is 25 t/ha. • We are manufacturer, exporter, trader and supplier of Research onion seed, Hybrid onion seed, Red Onion Seeds, Onion Light Red, Yellow Onion Seeds, White Onion Seeds, Onion Puna Fursungi