Mustard Seeds

Mustard Seeds



Introduction of Mustard:- Mustard belongs to the family of “Cruciferae” and popularly used in Indian cooking. India is number one in production of mustard. Mustard gives edible oil which is used as cooking In India. Mustard seed is used as condiment in the preparation of vegetable and curries in India. Split mustard seed and oil is used for pickling. The mustard leaves of the young plants are used as vegetable. It can be used as oil cake to feed cattle.

Health Benefits of Mustard:- Some of the health benefits of Mustard are given below. • Helps in controlling symptoms of asthma. • Prevents from gastrointestinal cancer. • Helps in weight loss. • Helps in relieving arthritic & muscle pain. • Help in slow ageing (Anti Ageing). • Helps in lowering cholesterol & stimulates hair growth.

Black mustard plants are tall (up to 2.5 meters) and sparsely branched, and they produce many short pods(sliques). As the plant matures, the highly pungent,The mustard crop matures in about 130 to 140 days. about 38 to 42 % of oil content of brown mustard seed. An Average yield of 10 quintals per acre can be expected. seeds are sheded round dark brown or black.