Bajra Seeds

Bajra Seeds



Introduction of Unnat Hybrid Bajra:- Bajra is popularly known as pearl millet and belongs to the family of Graminea. This grain is basically originated from Africa or India. Bajra is a coarse grain crop and considered to be the poor people staple nourishment and suitable to cultivate in dry lands. Bajra production states are Rajasthan, Haryana, UP, MP, Punjab, Maharashtra and Gujarat. Bajra can also be used as valuable animal fodderIt is one of the major crops of South Eastern Asia China, India, Sudan, Pakistan, Arabia,Nigeria and Russia.

Major Unnat Hybrid Bajra Production States in India:- Top Hybrid Bajra producing state is Rajasthan Maharashtra, Haryana, Gujarat and UP MP Punjab Bihar. Top high yielding state is Tamil Nadu,Andhra pradesh.

Health Benefits of Bajra :- Some of the health benefits of Bajra are given below.

· Bajra is very good source of energy. · Bajra promotes heart health. · Bajra helps in reducing weight. · Bajra helps in digestion disorders. · Bajra may help in preventing cancer. · Bajra controls blood sugar levels and hence good for diabetic.

Local Names of Bajra in India:- Pearl Millet (English), Bajra (Hindi,Urdu,Panjabi),Sajje (Kannada), Kambu (Tamil), Kambam (Malayalam), Sajjalu (Telugu), Bajri (Rajasthani, Gujarati and Marathi).